Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Year's Resolutions and Kindness.

It is the new year. Time for self examination and goal setting. In previous years, I have always made the arbitrary resolution for one of the many flaws I have. From weight loss to less time with video games, they all seem to go by the wayside somewhere around January 15th.

In this new year, I have decided to be more kind to people. I will wait until those that know me recover from the fainting spell or other shock-related reaction.

...I'm waiting...

Yes, I have decided to look past the many foibles of those around me and follow the golden rule. I honestly don't know how long this will last, however I will give it my best try.

In the spirit of kindness, I have put together a short video clip that I will keep on this blog to remind me of my new-found benevolence. Enjoy... (video has sound)

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NecroDancer said...

I have been trying to hold my judgment, stop insisting that my perspective is accurate. It has been terribly difficult. You see, to me there is a stark lack of kindness in the world today. Oh, people are generally tolerant of those around them but the random acts of kindness are not there.

You know, if I wave a greeting to someone on the street they are dumbfounded. They often wonder if there is someone behind them who deserves the kind words. Why is this?

I would just appreciate a little more true kindness. I appreciate your resolution. I really do.